Siebert Real Estate Investment


This group owns property needed to provide tools to the broker's leasing the property. There were old, hand drawn floor plans that the broker utilized to lease space and to calculate usable and rentable square footages and thus generate a leased "price" for tenants. 


  • Generate a tool to assist the real estate broker with managing the leasing space. 
  • Manage ACAD drawings and respond to the "what if" scenarios for the Real Estate agents to enable him to lease space. 


  • Field verification and generation as-built drawings into ACAD program. 
  • Utilize ACAD to obtain rentable and usable square footage numbers via BOMA standards. 


  • The new ACAD drawings have all the buildings' pertinent information as well as the Broker logo. 
  • Drawings are utilized as marketing tools. 
  • We are available to provide "what if" scenarios concerning RSF and USF to assist in leasing space. 
  • After documentation of the existing conditions was complete, an existing tenant requested additional space. We utilized ACAD drawings to document RSF and USF for their existing and additional space; the numbers developed from the old plans were inaccurate by a substantial amount; therefore the building owner and the leasing agent short changing themselves for several years. 

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