The investment of a custom, professionally designed office space can and should have a positive impact on the company’s overall performance.

Commercial Designs

The market segments we serve and the challenges they encounter.

The workplace should be efficient and productive, and it should be designed as a healthy atmosphere.

We hear ya! And we do both!

Small Business 

Key Project Players: Business Owners + Office Managers

  • Small Design Investments with Big Payoffs
  • Reuse, Repurpose + Reimagine:
    • New isn’t Always Better
  • Aesthetics + Furniture Plans to Support:
    • Creative + Analytical Mindsets Can Co-Exist Beautifully

Office Headquarters 

Key Project Players: CEO, CFO, Facility Manager

  • Strategies for “Where to Work, at Work”
    • Less Overhead + Increased ROI
  • Why do People Come to Work? 
    • Leverage Facility Investments to Attract + Retain Talent
  • Space + Furniture Strategies to Maintain
    • Team Fluidity + Performance
  • Safety in the Workplace + Impacts to Innovation
  • Aesthetics + Furniture Plans to Support
    • the Creative + Analytical Teams 


Key Project Players: CEO, CFO, Facility Manager

  • Aesthetics and Donor Relations
  • Fundraising and Corporate Culture
  • Business Cases + Board Approvals
  • Inclusion + Engagement with Facility Planning + Management

Medical + Integrative Practices

Key Project Players: Practice Managers + Doctors

  • Time Management:
    • Workflow + Space Plans = Higher Profits
  • Instill Patient Confidence with Finishes + Branding
  • Staffing + Staff Relationships
    • Supported by Space +Furniture Plans
  • Branding, Patient Experience + Increased Service Offerings
  • WELL Building Standards and ROI
  • Ready to get started? Maybe you just have a question... Either way we are here and ready to chat!

    “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” – Frank Lloyd Wright